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MY ENVIRONMENT – Things around me

Quick sum up:

The space that I’ve chosen is my house’s living room. It’s a big room with lots of natural light placed in a country house. The predominant colours are dark brown, marfil and black. It has both modern and old furniture and some wood details in the ceiling that make it unique.

This is the place where I spend most of the time since I was little and I have so many good memories from it that I might not be very neutral when describing the feeling that I get from here. There’s something that makes it very comfortable, but I don’t know exactly what it is; it may be the wood floor, the warm colours from the sunset when light reflects on the walls at everything at the same time. 

I would say that the ceiling is one of my favourite elements from this room (the disruptive element): it’s a kind of wood step placed in one side of the ceiling with an L shape that makes the space more wide and I like how the ceiling is not just plane. There’s also a beautiful old window next to the main door that could qualify as a disruptive element.

I’m very linked to this space and the I wouldn’t be as comfort as I’m now in any other place. Here I feel protected from the outside even though I hear the wind and see the trees moving.

I think people could get positive warm vibes being here due to the material and color combination. It has glass and marble surfaces but also wood and leather objects. There’s also a combination between modern and old furniture that can bring people both past and present memories.